1999-2000 Data Points

Data Points is several short publications that use data from the California Women's Health Survey. These informational reports are the result of a collaborative effort between the California Deparment of Health Services, the California Department of Mental Health, the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, California Medical Review, Inc., and the Survey Research Group of the Public Health Institute.

  • Data Points 1 through 6
  • are as follows: 1) Pain and activity limitation, 2) Colorectal cancer screening, 3) Osteoporosis risk factors and bone density testing, 4) Osteoporosis knowledge and awareness, 5) Help-seeking behaviors among victims of domestic violence, and 6) Perceptions about the purpose of PAP smear testing.

  • Data Points 7 through 13
  • are as follows: 7) PAP testing status, 8) Food insecurity by education level, 9) Food insecurity by race/ethnicity, 10) Use of food support systems for the food insecure, 11) Delaying medical treatment in order to buy food by age, race/ethnicity and family status, 12) Eating less to let family members have enough food, 13) Attitudes and knowledge of mental health care by race/ethnicity and age.

  • Data Points 14 through 20
  • are as follows: 14) Desire and receipt of mental health care by poverty status, 15) Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, 16) Use of folic acid supplements and knowledge of its importance for prevention of birth defects, 17) Chlamydia testing, 18) Genital herpes knowledge and diagnosis, 19) Douching among women of reproductive age, and 20) Mammograms among women ages 40 and above.

  • Data Points 21 through 25
  • are as follows: 21) Mammograms among women ages 40 and above by race/ethnicity, 22) Mammograms among women ages 40 and above by icome status, 23) Women ages 40 and above who had a mammogram within the past year by age and income status, 24) Health insurance status of non-elderly ages 18-64 with selected socio-demographic characteristics, and 25) How accurate are women in assessing their pregnancy weight gains?

Documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) unless otherwise noted. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat reader, click on the icon below to download a free copy.

Data Points 1 through 6
Data Points 7 through 13
Data Points 14 through 20
Data Points 21 through 25

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