Bonnie D. Davis, Ph.D., Chief of the Survey Research Group (SRG), joined SRG December 1994. With 20 years of social science research experience, Dr. Davis has performed all aspects of survey research for both telephone and mail surveys, including questionnaire design, sampling, data collection and analysis. Dr. Davis has consulted with public and private sector organizations on survey research design. She is SRG's principal resource for questions regarding research design, project implementation and management.

Holly Hoegh, who joined SRG July 1996, is the Research Scientist responsible for management of the California BRFSS and provides consultation to persons interested in using the public use datasets. Ms. Hoegh worked extensively with BRFSS data in her prior position at the Emergency Preparedness and Injury Control Branch (EPIC), California Department of Health Services. During her tenure at EPIC, Ms. Hoegh analyzed Californians' state-added gun ownership and storage questions. Currently, Ms. Hoegh is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at the University of California, Davis.

Brett Holbrook, M.S., joined SRG as a Research Scientist March 1999. Mr. Holbrook has conducted statistical analyses, practiced survey research, provided statistical consultation, and performed program evaluations since 1992. His responsibilities include conducting statistical analysis, producing technical and scientific reports based on data collected by SRG, providing statistical consultation, and disseminating tobacco-related data collected through the California Adult Tobacco Survey (CATS) and the BRFSS. Currently Mr. Holbrook is also a part-time statistics instructor at a local community college.

Gary Gentry, M.S.W., is a Network Systems Engineer who has worked in SRG since June 1993. Mr. Gentry has more than 20 years experience in research design, data analysis and computer systems management. His responsibilities include programming, testing and debugging of SRG's questionnaires on the CATI system, conducting statistical analyses of CATI data, and providing technical support and computer aspects of SRG operations and system maintenance.

Marta Induni, M.A., has been a Research Associate with SRG since October 1997. Prior to assuming the Research Associate position, Ms. Induni held the positions of CATI Unit Assistant Manager and CATI Senior Survey Interviewer. She has been employed with SRG since 1993. Prior to employment with SRG, Ms. Induni had two years experience working in the survey research field. In addition, Ms. Induni acts as SRG's in house Spanish translator.

Annette Hitchcock, CATI Program Manager, has been a member of SRG since September 1992. Before assuming her current position, Ms. Hitchcock worked as an Interview Supervisor, and had six years of experience working in the survey research field. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day CATI operations, her responsibilities include programming and troubleshooting CATI questionnaires and performing sample management activities.

CATI Unit Supervisory Staff, The CATI Unit's supervisory staff consists of nine team members. Supervisors use silent monitoring stations for survey management and data quality control. CATI's full time Training Specialist, Janene White has over 10 years of survey interviewing and training/management experience.

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